Solar Energy

Solar Panels

So your interested in saving money, doing your bit for the planet and increasing your Building Energy Rating (BER). Solar panels are the most common and affordable form of alternative energy available in Ireland. Other renewable sources are available, but are generally more expansive and with longer payback periods. Solar has a fast payback period, is free of running costs and will greatly increase your BER.

Some people think the only benefit from solar is direct financial saving from the fuel saved. Don't forget that solar will greatly increase your BER. This in turn, will help maintain a high re-sale value for your home, when compared to a similar property. Finances aside it will reduce the carbon emissions from your home.

At WM Black & Sons we offer tailor made solutions for Solar Hot Water and specifically Solar Heating for both commercial and domestic installations in Ireland.  We are an SEAI approved installer.

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Solar hot water panels         Solar hot water cylinder           Solar hot water cylinder and Viessmann boiler combination